Friday, June 1, 2012

Liechtenstein - a tiny rich country

Nestled between Switzerland, Germany, and Austria is the tiny principality of Liechtenstein.  It is one of the smallest countries in the world but has the world's highest per capita GDP's at over $140,000 per year. The country is filled with art and flanked by the alps.  It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.  In the hills, above the capital city of Vaduz, is a castle where a ruling royal family still lives to this day.

Here are some pictures from this wonderful place.


  1. Liechtenstein has always been very intriguing destination to me. After seeing these brilliant photos I'm definitely adding it to my top places to visit list. I sincerely hope that this plan will not remain unrealized and I'll have the chance to see al of these beauties in person.

  2. Another post filled with amazing pictures! I had no idea the tiny country of Liechtenstein had such a high GDP per capita. I assumed it was a fairly wealthy country, but the highest in the world? Crazy! What is the country known for that helps it generate so much money?

    Wonderful pictures,


  3. You have taken some beautiful photos. The sky looks so blue! It seems like Liechtenstein would also be a fantastic place to live. After all, you are just a short distance away from some amazing countries. I think I should put it on my list of potential places to consider for retirement!