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Monday, June 22, 2009

Prague 2008

The view from the front door of my hostel

Prague is filled to the brim with gorgeous architecture 

Statues everywhere

Prague castle in background

Great views from high ground

John of Nepomuk

Inside a cathedral


Some of the religious art can be pretty violent 

The dome

Nice sleeves buddy! My lack of sleeves prohibited me from entering 
Prague Castle
Ornate entrance to Prague castle grounds

Fountain with castle in background

Prague Castle


Swans with Charles bridge in background

Urinating statues by Cerny, you can text the statues and they will spell out your 
message in their "stream" 

Horse and snake in Wallenstein garden 

Nude Archer 

Small fountain in Wallenstein garden 

Wallenstein Garden - seriously a surreal place

Albino Peacock in Wallenstein garden
Another strange Czech sculpture 

Prague Castle

Death making an entrance at the Prague Astronomical Clock

Wenceslas Square

Old Jewish cemetery
Water wheel

Love locks

Painted Wall

Typical building in Prague

View from Petrin tower

Prague Castle from above

I love this little paint protester

Wheeled dog

Chair sculpture

Random fountain 

Kind of creepy



Roof of communist museum

2 completely faded homeless people dancing

Wenceslas by Cerny

2 students who commit suicide by self-immolation in political protest 

National Museum 

Leaning building by Gehry

Sunset in Prague