Friday, July 15, 2022

Night Market


12 years ago we visited the Siem Reap night market for the first time. It was a place where you could buy weird animals, get your ear’s cleaned, have fish gnaw at your feet, change Kyat to Riel, buy t shirts, and get a Khmer massage. It felt like the center of the evening universe before the crowds dispersed and hit pub street.

We were thankful to see the night market alive and well, though gone were some of the weirder offerings. In 2022, it has a more wholesome, less Mos Eisley Cantina, vibe. The kids bought necklaces and elephant dolls, and we rode home in the rain.
Harper getting a fish foot massage

Pub Street, waking up a little but still ravaged by COVID-19

Some Tuk Tuks parked near the pedestrian road

A Ferris wheel above the palms

Ayla, Chelsea (our nanny), and Kristin in a Tuk Tuk

Ronan picked up some new gear at the night market

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