Friday, July 15, 2022

Exploring Cambodia


As recently as 1980, Cambodia had no monetary system. The reign of Pol Pot removed a generation and created a fractured society filled with people who have big hearts and smiles. Many live exceptionally simple lives in the countryside, and it is fascinating to travel and view life from this perspective.

A countryside temple

A selection of meats at the market 

Cambodian flag spinners

A busy market in the am

The kids were very curious about the sights and smells

Ronan looking for new gear 



Some kids carrying stew at a local school

We donated supplies and lunch to a rural school - it was important for the kids to see how children live in Cambodia

Some land across from the school

Handing out supplies

Ayla didnt really understand the situation, but she handed out some notebooks and ate some stew

She spent a lot of time in the car secretly eating lollipops 

A water Buffalo - a Swiss army beast for Southeast Asia

Kristin in the market

Some proteins for sale

That ginger looks incredible

AM market

Kristin and I brought the kids into the countryside on ATVs - it was a wild trip and we nearly got stuck a few times

A temple

Some lotus 

Ronan did a great job handing out supplies to the school - he looked every kid in the eyes

Some monks praying at the market

The ornate roof of a Buddhist temple

Young monks sitting in the shade listening to Drake

Market action

Take your pick - Ayla loved the crabs

A road

Ronan with the young monks



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