Friday, July 8, 2022

River Life in Bangkok


Before being connected by phones and laptops, connections took place mostly in the physical realm. The town square, the market, roads, and of course, rivers are an ancient way to connect with others. In Bangkok, the river still carries this function. Today we loaded up in a long tail boat and explored some lesser known estuaries of the Chao Phraya river.

Long tail boats are outfitted with flowers and long racing engines 

Most temples in Bangkok have some river access - a nod to the old way 

A monitor lizard on the banks of the river - 3 feet of ancient predator has survived on these rivers for millennia

A friendly river resident 

A meeting at a riverside temple 

A colorful building on the riverbank

My view

Homes line the river 

Turning a corner 

A man fishes from his porch 

Our driver next to his intercooler


A river merchant 

A swimming monitor 

A market 

A river temple

Someone’s colorful home 

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