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Monday, June 17, 2013

Magical Bohinj

The Bohinj basin is a magical area of Slovenia with old alpine houses, a very clear lake, absolutely perfect hiking.  There are many legends associated with Bohinj.  The Ottomans thought is was the end of the world.  There is another legend that the devil built a bridge here in exchange for the soul of the first to cross it.  The locals sent a dog across, enraging the devil.

My favorite, and probably the most fitting explanation for Bohinj is this:

"God was giving land to people and, as he finished, he realized that he had forgotten about a small group of people, who were silent and did not insist like the others. Because of their modesty and patience, he felt pity for them. That is why he decided to give them the most beautiful land of all, which he had set aside for himself. It is called Bohinj."

Lake Bled's briliant island church

 Like a jewel in a crown, Lake Bled has a small church on an island.  It is customary for Slovenian males to march up the steps carrying their wife after marriage.  The practice was forcibly abandoned during Slovenia's time as part of Yugoslavia.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Reka Hisa in Slovenia

In Slovenia, we (Kristin, Grandma, Grandpa, ,me) all stayed at a spot just outside of Bled called Reka Hisa.  It is a guesthouse ran perfectly by a London couple named Clive and Myrn.  Clive is an ex-fashion executive who always had a dream of running a guesthouse and cooking for guests.  As a professional chef, he whips up the best meals we have had all trip.  We ate 3 courses every night at a big community table with everyone under the roof.  The homemade desserts were a favorite among our clan.  It was the perfect arrangement, and we will no doubt be back.

The house is right on a clear emerald river world famous for its fly-fishing.  The river is filled with trout and some of the biggest salmon in the world.  The Huchen Salmon that hunt these rivers grow up to 5 feet long.  Clive told me that when you kayak the river, the Huchen will swim with you downriver like dolphins.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bled Castle

Bled Castle is perched precariously on a cliff overlooking stunning Lake Bled.  We stayed 5 nights near the lake at Reka Hisa guesthouse with my grandparents.  It is such an incredible area.  Slovenia is probably my favorite country in Europe.