Monday, June 17, 2013

Magical Bohinj

The Bohinj basin is a magical area of Slovenia with old alpine houses, a very clear lake, absolutely perfect hiking.  There are many legends associated with Bohinj.  The Ottomans thought is was the end of the world.  There is another legend that the devil built a bridge here in exchange for the soul of the first to cross it.  The locals sent a dog across, enraging the devil.

My favorite, and probably the most fitting explanation for Bohinj is this:

"God was giving land to people and, as he finished, he realized that he had forgotten about a small group of people, who were silent and did not insist like the others. Because of their modesty and patience, he felt pity for them. That is why he decided to give them the most beautiful land of all, which he had set aside for himself. It is called Bohinj."

 A Yugoslav era putt putt course 

 Long abandoned 

 Bohinj has the freshest air 

 A clear river that runs from the lake and down passed Reka Hisa 

A farmer sells his cheese by the road 

 A bridge and a church 

 I wanted to jump in, but the water is too cold 

 Bohinj lake 

 Ducks everywhere 

 Some kind of lake wedding?


 Check out those trout 

 Kristin waded in - the water was freezing 

 Trying to play it cool

This duck was kind of a jerk 

 The Julian Alps in the background 

 The forest where the goldhorn lives

 An Alpine house

 We drove around the lake until the road ended and trail head began

 Like a mirror

 Heading back to Reka Hisa 



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