Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mykonos at night

Mykonos at night is a convoluted maze.  Literally.  When the town was designed, it was designed as a maze to confuse outsiders.  It confused us.

My favorite time to really explore a city is at night.  At that point, the cruise ships are long gone (usually), the locals begin to come out, and you can get a better sense of what a place is really like.

 My favorite time to take pictures is after the sun sets 

 The colors get pretty 

 Life slows down 

 Men grab lobsters 

 And put them into red buckets 

 Even mundane scenes burst with color 

 And simple pathways look like spaceships 

 At the windmills, again

 A popular gay club looks the same amount of gay as during the day at night

 Our pool, never used it 

 the path to Mykonos town from our hotel 

 The yachts, someday...

 We walked by this house every night.  Would not mind staying a few weeks there.

 The solitary windmill



 Mykonos Town 

 island life 

 The maze 

 The bay

 The water looks so fake here 


 Cool yacht 

 Opa salad 

 My dinner bud

 Cheesy light show 

 Old church 

 Check out that cruise ship

 Oh dear


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