Sunday, June 16, 2013

Slovenia car train

It took us a few hours to go over the Vrsic pass of the Julian Alps.  For the way home, we were told to load the car onto the train and we go through the mountains instead of over and around.  The best part?  It would take about half as much time.  I did not know what it meant, until we did it.

 This is the car train - you just drive on and it transports you through a mountain in Slovenia, and then you drive off.  It is not pictured, but we even flew through a hundred year old tunnel for about 5 miles.  It was terrifying - pitch black, deafening, and very rocky.

 Here some locals wave good-bye to us 

 Passing my the station, so the engine can hook up 

 Rear view 

 Into the green of Slovenia.  We were the second car.

 The scenery was beautiful

 Our destination - Bohinj 

We just drive right off the train and went on our way


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