Thursday, June 13, 2013

Boo's Corner - Lots of Mykonos from guest writer KRISTIN

Thinking I am real cool at Super paradise..

 We had to walk down a path to get to the main town. We ran into a bunch of these guys. So we named the path lizard row.
 An abandoned church
 Locals of Mykonos balconies..They had better views then the tourist that paid 200 euros a night for a hotel room!
 Making a bee line either for a shop or a bar. I never wait for Justin to take pictures anymore. If I did I would spend my whole vacation standing behind him waiting 5 minutes for him to shoot the perfect shot, and this happens oh about every 300 hundred meters or so.. So you will most likely see my shoulder, arm, or the back of my head in almost every shot. Sorry Justin...
See what I mean
 Love the red.
 Old town harbor. Always packed with tourists. Mainly cruisers. Mainly Russians.1,000 Russian Cruisers-not fun.

 You slowly forget about the Russian cruisers when you see this view.

 If anyone is in the market for a new bag I would suggest this Longchamp Tote as pictured. Great travel bag- waterproof, can hold up to 5 water bottles need be, and you can still find Euros buried at the bottom of the bag pretty easily.
 Where the cruisers disembark

 Pretty church boo

 I stumbled on this gem of a bar when I was bored waiting for Justin taking pictures.
 This is my kind of day..
 Boo taking pics, while I am....
 Drinking champs by myself enjoying the view!
 Pathway to the bar. I believe it was called Bar Kastros. DEF recommend if you ever go to Mykonos

 Look who came in to enjoy a fruit drink with me!
 2 boo's on a rock

 A maze of pathways with cute shops!

 They call it little Venice.. I don't think it even compares to the real Venice but, eh they served good mojitos so I'll give it to them.
 Out door cinema!

 Cute pup on a balcony. I think other people think J and I are pretty weird- We have to take a picture of every dog we see and also have to talk to them. We basically think we are the dog whispers for all foreign dogs.
 Cute guy. I wanted to buy him. J said no : (

 Cacti everywhere!
 Greek guy pondering life
Shops!! I need a shopping buddy! J always complains if I am in a shop for more then 2 minutes. Any takers??

 Same church- different time of day, different angle. It is a small town so J had the great opportunity to take the same picture just at different times of the day. (YEA!)
 Cute little greek boys
 Justin also like to take pictures of the food. I like to eat the food and can not wait for him to get his camera out. So you will also see pics of food with a bite already taken out, my fork or his favorite my hand.
 Hurry boo and take your stupid pic!
 We rode on the same bike as Russel Crowe did just 3 weeks earlier. I wish I looked as cool as his super hot girlfriend did on the back of the ATV!NOT QUITE!!

 Hittin' the road.

 Still hittin' the road!

 The streets were basically dead except the few drunks passing us on ATVs with no helmets.
 Nerds on the ATV. At least we are safe nerds!

 Pup on a boat 

A dumb plant boo loved

 I did not like seeing these grey clouds. It is not suppose to rain in Greece!

 Oh yeaaa
 J reading on the beach. We just realized this morning he left his kindle in the back pocket of an Olympic air flight we just took. We are going to the lost and found tomorrow in the airport to see if anyone turned it in..FAT CHANCE (at least we tried)
 Looking cool exploring
 Reminded me of a scene I would see in Cancun- just sprinkled with a few too many Russians sunning topless (some should definitely not be going topless).  just gross.
All the goats had 2 legs tied together so they would not run away. sad day.
 Not a cat fan, but cute cat.

 But I love kitties. Whoever does not like kitties or puppies should be stung by 1000 fire ants. at night. in your bed.

Shells for Sale!

 Tomatos for Sale!
 Same boat, different angle. I think your starting to get the idea.

 Leaving the Old Town

 Same harbor, different angle...
 Now I am just getting bored
 Oh hey cute pup. I hope your owner rolled down the window for you! Or I will hunt him down and report him!! Its hot outside!!@#$#
 Evil eyes, I also wanted want of these. J still said no
 Cool door boo

If Justin was to write this entry he probably would have just said " Best Burger Ever" because he thinks everything is the best thing he has ever ate. I am going to be real since this is my entry. Great view, fun eating a burg on ledge with your feet dangling over the water. But this burg was not the best. It gave me gas and I wish I never ate it. I am going to end on this note. It's been fun but I have to get up early for a flight to Brussels and if I don't get atleast 8 hours of sleep I am a real big B the next day.
Boo bear # 2


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