Friday, June 21, 2013

What is Meteora?

Meteora in northern Greece is a land of escape.  The orthodox priests stole away to its strange natural rock towers, fleeing the Ottomans and building strange monasteries in the process that look every bit an affront to gravity.  There, they were safe.

The towers are still used today.  We visited this strange place, weaving up from Athens in a miniature Citroen, stopping to smell the sweet olive air along the way.  Escaping.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of odd Meteora as much as I enjoyed taking them.
Driving up, things got dry 

 Our hotel - Pyrgos Adrachti

 Nearby house owned by a Greek tycoon which has not been visited for over 2 years

 The rocks tower over the village below 

 A symbol for Greece carved on an area house 

 A small village square 

 Some Meteora fingers

 The road up Meteora 

 One of the monasteries 

 Looking out at the valley 

 Two monasteries cling to the rock

 A clear day and good sun

 This one looked like it could topple over 

 And yet people live there 

 The majesty of this valley is beyond words - definitely worth the drive 

 There are a few in this picture 

 Check out those socks 

 A small altar 

 Looking down from Grand Meteora 

 Grand Meteora 

 A storm began its approach 

 As we climbed the steps of Grand Meteora 

 An entrance to some room that will remain unknown to us

 Some Greek orthodox gear 

 A room for the dead

 Back Outside Grand Meteora, looking over the edge 

 It all seemed very game of thrones 

 A light and a wall at the edge 

 The storm in the distance appears to be dumping water 


 It was nearly upon us 

 Jumping for joy 

 The finger 

 Back in town - lots of pigeons 

 This lady has been cooking up the best food in Meteora for ages - she invites all restaurant guests into the kitchen for lunch, and you can smell the fresh food and pick what you want to eat 

 We arrived after lunch, so we had to order off a menu 

Still, this was one of the best starters to grace our journey 

 Everything fresh and bursting with Greek flavors.  Did you know Greeks eat more cheese per capita than any other country?

 These were the best meatballs ever 

 Homemade and perfect 

 One more shot down the valley 

 Night falls in town 

 the best chicken gyros of the trip - of course it would be the local place 

 My mouth is watering just remembering it all

About to take the perfect bite.  On to Athens.


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