Monday, June 3, 2013

Szentendre shopping

Szentendre is a small quaint town just north of Budapest known for shopping and historic buildings.  Since my grandparents came to visit Kristin and I, and my grandmother loves to shop, we decided to just go straight in to the belly of the beast and go to this tourist shopping mecca on our first full day in Hungary.

 Magyar garb

 An antique shop that I really liked 

 Stuff grandma likes

 Stuff Justin likes 

 There was this great designs shop that had a bunch of crazy stuff.  Far left - pepper grinders.  Middle is a juicer and the big carrots are paper towel holders

 Toothpick holder 

 Drain stop 


 Some creepy witches 

 Old world potpourri
 Stopping to smell the flowers

 A Szentendre house

 A cobbled lane 


 A nice little place to eat 

 A church in the city square 

 Kristin and Grandma 

 A quiet street

 Cool house 

 Maybe the worst car ever

 This knife shop had awesome homemade blades 

 Chocolate cigar 

 Cross and a church tower

 Old Szentendre

 An alleyway to a small restaurant that sells fried yeasty treats

 A Magyar and his shop

 Ice cream is the one common thing everywhere in the world.  That and Coca Cola.

 Colorful buildings 


 Wine with weird bent handles 

 Paprika is ridiculously ubiquitous 

 Old toys 

 Looking up from the Danube bend 



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