Sunday, June 2, 2013

Exploring the great Bratislava

We landed in Vienna and picked up our wheels at Sixt. Blazing across Austria at 95mph while listening to Old Dirty Bastard, we approached Bratislava.  What is Bratislava?  I really had not thought about it much before.

It ended up being one of the coolest cities we have ever visited.  It is a very quirky place with bizarre statues and people dressed in odd costumes amidst an old town center that fells perfectly preserved.  Several partiers lined the streets of old town.  The town was well stocked in  bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and drunk goons watching Dortmund-Bayern square off in the Champions League final - on fact, it was as though all of old town was one big party.

 Our room at Abba Bratislava - perfect 

 A park we ran into walking from Abba to Old town 

 No basset hounds allowed!

 Some kind of grand Slovakian Building 

 Where new town begins to fade 


 And old 

 A strange and foreboding doorway 
 Kristin with one of Bratislava's quirky statues

 Old town square 

 We took a long walk through old town trying to find a place to eat 

 Most of old town is well preserved and nice - this is some of the crum

 A courtyard 

 A cool steakhouse - Upside Down

 Cumil the watcher 

 Some details on a window 

 Very grand masonry on a lot of the buildings in old town 

 Some buildings in old town 

 A weird door

 I have no idea what this is.  We began to get extremely hungry and had to eyeball restaurants to find a good one.

 St. Martin's Cathedral, consecrated in 1452

 Lots of bars in old town - most look pretty cool

 Bratislava's last remaining gate of the original 4 - Michael's gate

 A gargoyle

 Michael's gate 

 No clue, but either interesting or delicious 

 To the rooftops 

 "Street Art"

 We finally fund a place that looked authentic and had some great food washed down with local beer and ice cold Kofola on tap

 I don't even know what we ordered, but man was it good 

 From Slovakia with love

 After dinner, we wandered more - this club at left was emitting a loud thumping bass

 A dragon

 This dog was just hanging out by himself in a store - lets call him furmonster of the day

 Old town square for the fifth time 

 The golden hour

 A quiet street 

 Some Outside dining 

 Lots of weird graffiti in and around old town - this was on the way to Bratislava Castle


 Great shot of the church and the highway that passes beneath it 

 A narrow building 

 the road up to the castle 

 An old gate near the castle 

 The night view of some weird looking UFO bridge 

 Bratislava Castle 


 Epic fountain bro 

 Town square at night 

 An old archway 

 Love the windows on this pub 

 A quiet alleyway in Bratislava

 Some kind of church, I think.  We hit this on the way back to the hotel.

 Art in the park 

 The next day, we wandered the park where we saw lots of people passed out 

 Some modern stuff in Bratislava 

 What the hell

 Bratislava Castle above the city


 Some ornate shit

 I saw this killer bee at a market with a bunch of honey 


 I saw lots of these.  Why?

 Old town square 




 Bratislava windows 

 Some grand such and such 

 A pig in armor 

 Nice day out 

 Woodwork on a door 

 Typical set up

 At the castle 

 The splendid castle 

 A Slovak food festival 

 Highway running through town 

Later Bratislava


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