Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tropicana Paradise Beach - Mykonos

The Travel Channel voted Tropicana at Paradise Beach the best beach bar in the world.  It is set in a perfect bay with clear calm water (above), and every day in the late afternoon the party starts around 5 with Sasa - the King of Mykonos leading the charge. 

The wheels come off a bit, and I imagine that it would have been a great and horrible place to supplant a 19 year old Justin Delaney.  Should we ever meet via some kind of time travel worm hole, I will be sure not to bring this place up.  Kristin and I people-watched for a few hours and then literally drove our ATV off into the sunset. Check out the pictures.

 Just another afternoon at Paradise

 Way too old for this scene 

 the View 

 This guy, dumping sand from his shoe on a table below 

 The King of Mykonos and someone yelling 

 This girl just dances all night - that is her job 

 It is an idyllic setting 

 My fave patron and his perfect form 

 Lots of Italian bros, make the old Jersey shore cast look like tasteful aristocrats

 Once the dry ice came out, it was time to go

 Lots of Moet 

The parking lot


  1. hi dear Justin,
    my name is Sara and i was working there,im the girl dancing in the second picture you posted, and all you wrote about Tropicana it is a sweet poem in comparison of what i could say about this s...t place. i´m glad that you didn,t spend more than an afternoon there.

    1. hey Sara, im actually looking at working in Mykonos next year and was thinking of applying to tropicana as a bar tender. doesn't sound like you enjoyed it, can i please ask why as it may make me reconsider where to apply. thanks

  2. Hi ,
    This place is just perfect !!! Everybody's having fun and is happy there!!! I was in Ibiza , Miami , saint trope but this place is much better than everywhere !! Love the staff and everyone else there !! Love Tropicana !!!;)

  3. Tropicana is the best baby...just the place to be!!!
    Mykonos is the place to be and Tropicana the place for parties and great drinks with the best staff and owners.
    We spent more than 1000 afternoons dear Sara,if you don't like it go to the church.
    I say tropi....You say Cana...EveryBody.....??????
    T R O P I C A N A

  4. We are going every year and having fun with champagne parties!!!!!Thousands people coming from all over the world for this unique place and parties!!!Every day is "THE PARTY DAY".......That's why Tropicana voted the best beach bar all over the world!!!!!!
    Suggest simply and unconditionally all the people to visit this place because is the best!!!

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