Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beautiful Oia

Santorini on a map looks like a dragon embryo, and Oia is the village at the head. It is photographer heaven.  I have never been somewhere so small that packs so much punch.  It is overwhelming at times, and I had to be mindful of my obsession so that I could actually stop to enjoy its beauty.  There are no bad angles or dull walks, only beauty.

If you visit Santorini, then be sure to stay in Oia.  Its splendor is best savored over several days of careful inspection and and exploration. Like a movie that needs to be seen again and again with new points seen each time, Oia has a sort of charm that seems infinite.

And here is a big Oia photo dump. I have to move on to our next stop - Meteora.

 We stayed right behind this church, as you probably already know

 The church bells at dusk looking over the deep caldera.  The Caldera is so deep that a cruise ship sank in over 400 feet of water and lays at the bottom.

 Doors window and a quality that makes everything looks as though it was just handmade and left to bake 

 A windmill at dusk 

 Just another walkway with unique characteristics 

 A pink church behind a door 

 The snaking road is a donkey trail, used to lug bags up on the beasts of burden from the port

 The caldera never gets old


 the sun falls over the Aegean 

 Some nice handblown glass

 Our room the first night was the room at right with the balcony and curved roof 

 The gates shadows

 A rare piece of unmanicured  Oia 

 Blue gates are everywhere - they have to paint these like twice a year probably

 Here is a cat for rent at a funkster little book store 

 Another random shop

 Walking through Oia 

 Hard to find a bad angle - I tried

 Studded dome with bells 

 Can you think of a cooler place to buy skin care products

 yea yea, us again 

 Oh look here, someone forgot to paint 

 What on earth

 Grand Oia 

 At the sunset spot 

 Oia clinging to the rock

 Every morning I look down at this and wanted to jump in, but it was several hundred feet down 

 hey a furmonster 

 More white washed buildnigs 

 The stairs down to our cave house 

 the iconic view 

 Through the fence 

 A large church in an Oia square 

 Sunset from sunset point in Oia 


 A Greek flag flows

 That windmill at left is looking broke

 More sunset 


 Another shot of our room 

 I walked by this about 100 times, don't know why it was there 

 Like a Greek flag 

 I was eating lunch and looked down and caught this guy in a sun beam 

 me and my Kiwi buddy

 One last furmonster before we hit the road to the mainland

Later Santorini


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