Friday, June 14, 2013

The horses of Lipizzaner

So, I don't know crap about horses, but these white weirdos are the real deal.  A few years ago I spent a morning with the Sheikh's horses in Dubai, and I have to say that these white Lipizzaners were way cooler than his divas.

The Lipizzaner horses  of Slovenia are a world class breed.  This farm in Lipica, Slovenia has been producing the horses for longer than any other horse farm, undisturbed.  Many of the lines can be traced back 5 centuries.

The horses are typically used for dressage as they are very powerful, agile, and smart.  I did not get to ride one (thank god for that - I would probably fall off), but we hung with the big boys and they were definitely cool.

 All of the foals were hanging out with moms 

 Riding School

 Grandma and a horse 

 Kristin always carries apple jolly ranchers in her pocket for such occasions, snugs

 Peaceful old stables 

 The horse farm was very quiet 

 This was our trainers favorite horse - he called him a wild Italian.  The horse was very dirty and reminded me of Sean Connery in The Rock (before he shaves).

 Me and my bud, after this, the horse next door flipped his shit and started kicking the walls.  The trainer said he was jealous and made us all leave.

An old house from centuries ago with the classic chimney


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