Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our favorite beach in Mykonos - Agios Ioannis

Our first full day in Mykonos, we scooped up an ATV from Fabio's younger brother and headed for a highly recommended beach.  We settled down and just sort of wasted the day away.  I read Civilization by Niall Ferguson.  Kristin read some sort of Jackie Collins book, and that was about it.  We spoke little, except when our stomachs began to growl. 

Finding the beach was easy.  We mounted our GPS on the ATV and dropped a pin where we though we would find the beach across from the island of Delos.  An ATV is the perfect way to explore Mykonos.

 We knew we were getting warmer when we could see the water in the distance 

 I stopped to shoot a photo of this cow and Kristin was worried it was going to charge over that rock wall and into our ATV

 Great place for office furniture 

 When you arrive at a beach and there is a jovial Greek man selling donuts you:

 The ancient island of Delos in the distance - once an important port 

 Our ATV helmets 

 The rocks 

 The water was super clear 

 And it was a perfect beach day 

 The beach had quite a few pebbles, but look at that, forgiven...


  1. Take me here! oh my soo beautiful! -R :)

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