Friday, June 14, 2013

Bled Castle

Bled Castle is perched precariously on a cliff overlooking stunning Lake Bled.  We stayed 5 nights near the lake at Reka Hisa guesthouse with my grandparents.  It is such an incredible area.  Slovenia is probably my favorite country in Europe.

 Lots of people row boats on Lake Bled.  Kristin and I offered to row my grandparents around the lake, but the project never materialized.

 The entrance to Castle Bled 


 View from the castle - on a clear day, you can see Dallas, TX

 These clouds are really gnarley - these pictures are natural 

 Mountains surround Bled Castle in practically all directions 

 The Castle Tower which reminded me of Game of Thrones 

 Lake Bled with its perfect island church - don't worry, I have 7000 pictures of it for a later update 

 The upper castle area, which is now gift shops and a museum

One of many dragon accents

 A small church in the castle 


 Window view 

 The top

 A cool window 

 Long fall into the lake 

 A small Slovenian village in the distance 


 Great stairs 

 The castle

 old enough to be charming 

 For whatever reason, a photographer takes a sneak photo of you after you climb a bunch of stairs and enter the castle.  They do not sell many pictures.

 Bled Castle from afar

 Bled Castle beneath the Julian Alps 

Late night at the castle

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