Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fleeing Central Europe for Mykonos

The winter came to Vienna, and we fled.  We boarded a plane early on a cold morning with what appeared to be flurries hovering in the sky and flew straight for Greece, where the temp doubled, and we traded clouds for sun.  All around, it felt like the right thing to do.

We landed in tiny Mykonos - a small fishing island with one of the biggest megayacht docks in the Med.  It is easy to picture Aristotle Onassis docking here years ago and bragging about his whale penis bar stools to anyone who would listen.  With the big ships in the harbor, it would be easy to assume that Mykonos is an expensive place, but it is actually very inexpensive.  We rented an incredible place for around $60 per night and our most expensive meal was about $50 at a pretty nice restaurant.  We routinely ate for under 7 euros for both of us.

Mykonos has one of the world's most vibrant vacation gay scenes, which is readily apparent, and many party beaches with all sorts of weirdness.  It is a fun place with great beaches and wild night life.  It is an easy life to just rent an ATV and hop from beach to beach all day.

I will be uploading pictures from Mykonos for the next few days. 


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