Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The photography of Budapest

After spending 3 days in Budapest and eating goulash and paprika chicken way too much, I have decided that it is a great place.  The Magyar language is difficult, so much so that I am convinced paying my parking ticket will be harder than getting a phd.  Aside from the odd waiter who gets thrills out of withholding bread, the Hungarians are incredibly nice and helpful.  The wide boulevards and immaculate architecture exceeded expectations so much that upon arriving in Vienna I was disappointed.

We left Hungary for 5 days in beautiful Slovenia, but before we start sharing, here is a bunch of Hungary.  Tomorrow, I will share my night photography of Budapest, which I believe is some of the best stuff I have ever done.

 Here we are searching for our bus.  I had a car, but driving around Budapest and its occasional super narrow lanes can be daunting.

 Infinite Grandeur - almost every building is exceptional

 AT a park 

 The weather was not great, but we didn't get too much rain. Prague is underwater now and the Danube is flooding all over Europe, but we did not get those excessive rains.

 A terror museum 

 The street lamps are great 

 Check out the walls on this building - it is very detailed 

 No idea

 These people look like really happy gypsies or something


 One of Pest's wide boulevards.  Budapest is separated into Buda and Pest on each side of the Danube.  We stayed in Pest.  Buda is more green and called the "lungs of the city"


 Vespa's big brother?

 Saw these on a balcony 

 A quiet side street

 Chicken place, has to be 

 A lion

 This weird sphinx was outside the Opera House 

 Cool looking building 

 More awesome street lamps

 What an awful face 

 Random details 

 The old hotel astoria

 On the Buda side 

 A tunnel 

 Fisherman's Bastion

 Some buildings 

 Hungarian flags, it is said that Hungarians like to use paprika, sour cream, and green peppers in every dish - just like the colors of their flag

 Part of Bud Castle

 Looking back at Pest 


 Not even a blink 

 Plague tower 

 Love the little details, everything looks like it was fun to design 

 Out to the city

 Bastion - pretty crowded 

 That big building is Budapest's parliament 



 Rooftops and haze 

 Through an arch 

 Old modern and old old 

 Inside a church 

 Europe is all about details 

 The castle 

 The Danube 


 Buda castle from Pest 

 kristin and grandma stepping out 


Next up - Budapest at night


  1. You captured my town really well. Beautiful pictures.

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