Friday, June 7, 2013

Figlmüller's perfect schnitzel in Vienna

On the recommendation of numerous people, including my grandparents and an Austrian man with a perfectly curled grey mustache and a penchant for British racing, we decided to try Figlmuller during our visit to Vienna for a heavy lunch. 

After riding the subway all over Vienna for free, we saddled up next to these meaty disks the size of generous pizzas.  The schniztzel was served simply with a lemon.  The schnitzel has been served here for over 100 years and every serving is violently pounded to a thickness of 30mm.  The Austrian emperor roll is used for the bread crumb breading and is perfectly crispy and light.

 Kristin and her fried disc of meat 

 A salad  of potatoes and pumpkin

 The dining room 

 The nameplate 

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