Sunday, July 10, 2022

A return to Cambodia


How long has it been old friend? Over 10 years? When Kristin and I first set foot in Cambodia we were in love. The temples, night markets, red dirt, adventurous countryside romps - it pulled us in. We visited twice in two years, and it is a delight to return 12 years later to see our old friend. 

Most importantly, it has been incredible sharing it with our children. Exploring temple ruins with Harper and Ronan was an absolute delight and a perfect adventure.

Harper and Ro at Ta Prohm

A massive tree overtaking an entryway

The crew for the day - the others opted for massages and naps

A temple entrance


Some little monkeys we ran into 

Greener than I remember

Tree photo op

This tree appeared to be poured over the ruins like a natural cement

Ta Prohm is the most wabi sabi temple in Angkor - it is a beautiful compromise between culture and nature 

A restoration

My favorite entry in the whole park

A millipede



Little Explorers

A famous relief of a dinosaur - this is notable because it was carved 1000 years ago and there is not a good way for the Khmers to know what a stegosaurus looks like - unless somehow one was still living in the jungles of Cambodia

Plenty of doors to walk through

A great looking macaque

Behind the scenes


They saw a big spider

Hamming it up

Inside Ta Prohm

A child plays outside the temple

Temporary moat


You can put roots down anywhere if you find the right environment

Cool building 

An inner courtyard

Three amigos

Never let go

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