Friday, July 17, 2015

Chasing the devil's wine in Chile

We went down to Chile to explore some wineries and switch seasons. Chile is a sly mix of South America with a twist of Europe. Dash of the devil.

From Santiago, we drifted into the countryside 

Fowl greeted us 

We saw welcoming benches that looked kind of Chilean actually 

We visited a winery - there were lots of barrels of wine

It was quiet, too quiet
The old estate was welcoming

Very low slung, great cheese in hat building (not pictured)

We took a walk 

It was stately and a little dreamlike 

It was dead quiet everywhere, not even wind, just silence 


The estate was intriguing, though something was a little off


Some great wine is gown here in Chile 


And more 

This is where the devil stays 

Actually, teh winery just created tales about the devil to scare off robbers

But if we are being honest, place was scary as shit 

The devil 



Wine and Andes


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