Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saying goodbye to Dallas

Kristin and I are officially on our way out of Dallas. We had a golden retriever escort us to the airport. Kristin's dog, Lou, saw us off to our departure gate with her mom and
grandmother. It was a somber moment for us, but Lou paid no mind to
our sadness. He was too busy smelling strangers' bags.

We decided to grab one last meal at Cantino Laredo in the 
international terminal of dfw. We probably won't have another chance 
at Mexican food for quite a long time. We are staying in San 
Francisco tonight and leave for Hong Kong tomorrow. Talk to you guys 


  1. Whatever dude, the Mexican fusion movement is blowing up in Laos right now. I'm sure you'll be dining on rice noodles topped with carnitas and salasa before you know it.