Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Asia Map

Welcome to our blog. Kristin and I decided to do a travel blog because we travel a great deal, and want to share our experiences and advice with all of you.

We will be spending the month of July touring southeast Asia. Our trip begins with a flight from Dallas to San Francisco, staying a night to make a much needed pilgrimage to the "Full House" house, and then continuing on to Hong Kong. Our adventure takes us through a number of interesting places and we will do our best to update this website daily. We put some pictures from our past trips over the last year and a half up on the website over the last few days. You can find those trips in the sidebar.

What's with the name? Goboogo is a sort of inside joke between Kristin and I. For whatever god forsaken reason, there came a point in our relationship where we started referring to each other as "boo." Trust me, if I ever find a time machine, then tops on my list will be interrupting the series of events that set about this pet name transgression, but for now, it is what it is. When one of us is doing something noteworthy or special, the other will chant "Go Boo Go!" It is sort of a vocal encouragement. Now that you have been allotted a probably undesired and terrifying glimpse into our life, I will leave you alone. Here is a map of our trip:

View Asia 2009 in a larger map

We will be visiting China, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan for a layover on the way back home (and maybe for an extra week if we are not too exhausted).

I want to give a shout out to a few friends that have inspired me with their own wonderful travel blogs, Mark and Cathy Jackson, Jeff and Amanda Reierson, and most recently, Eric Rems. Thanks guys. Hopefully, our blog will be able to beat up your blog some day.



  1. Hi! I love that you guys made this. Please post often so I can keep up with what y'all are doing in Asia. Love you both.


  2. Hey guys, great start to the blog. I can't wait to hear about your travels throughout Asia. Wish I could join you guys for part of it. Justin, don't kiss any Manatees.


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