Saturday, February 13, 2010

Food Poisoning

While I was writing my blog entry last night, a rumbling began in my stomach.  I spent the entire night awake and sick, and had an extremely grueling travel day today - Cairo to Rome to Venice.  My tex mex meal in Cairo gave me food poisoning apparently, bastards. 

Kristin ordered Formaggio four cheese pizza for breakfast in a hot Cairo cafeteria.  Each glisten of grease on her pizza sent shockwaves down my spine.  It has been a very very long painful day.  I am starting to feel better, thankfully.  Nothing is worse than traveling sick.  Here are some pictures from our day.  Full report on Venice tomorrow. 

 There were about 4 of these women.  We could not figure out where they were from or why they had strange instruments.  The one that sat next to Kristin declined her own airline meal, but then ate Kristin's leftovers, so odd.

 This lady was traveling alone on the plane in full bridal regalia.  I am pretty sure she had never flown before, as I caught her confusingly trying to buckle her belt backwards.  I helped her overcome the obstacle.  She sat there the whole flight, clutching flowers and taking up three seats.  They had to move her neighbors because her dress was overflowing on them. 
 Immediately upon arriving in Venice, a group of Lego men walked by.  It is carnivale in Venice right now, so there are costumed maniacs everywhere.

 Boat ride to our hotel stop

 Our hotel is located in the most narrow alley

 In our room

 Our room has a very grand look to it 

 We went around the corner to grab a bite to eat

 Venice seems to have alleys and waterways for traveling

 Carnivale crowds

 Venice seems really cool


More stuff tomorrow  

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