Thursday, June 19, 2014

Andorra Errata and random - the pictures we take and stuff we do

A chef in Andorra ponders life on the run

Kristin and I bundled up for the Andorra cold 

A glacial(?) stream runs through the high Pyrenees modern village of Andorra 

Nestled between France and Spain with both Basque and Catalan influences, Andorra has an excellent identity crisis, excellent shopping, and excellent walk-able streets 

Snowy mountains lurk just beyond 

Busier than I thought it would be, but still a quaint little modern town 

Graffiti is in every European town, even up in the mountains 

Having some tea and dones

Awesome hogs


View from our balcony 

Chalets cling to the hills for dear life 


Looks like Narshe

This staircase looks awesome 

The Andorra flag 
Everything in the city is nice and new


A main shopping promenade


Andorra has a lot of street art, from Dali to stuff like this 

Chocolate shop 

A forest 

Some local pride 

An old Andorra tower 

We walked around until our feet fell off

Some more "art"

The edge of Andorra la Vella 

Kristin walking through a gate 

The old hotel 

Re-purposed logs


The town 



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