Friday, August 8, 2014

Antigua, Guatemala - the best place in Guatemala

Guatemala is an incredibly underrated country, often passed over for Belize, Costa Rica, and Mexico. But. There is an immense amount of culture and beauty within Guatemala. Nowhere is this more evident than in Antigua.

Like a town lost in time on a cloud, Antigua feels aloof to the modern age. Impeccably charming, safe, and enticing, every corner brings an excitement with it. Curious buildings and hallowed out ruins and preserved artifacts of colonial brilliance conspire to create an unreal collection of a place in time. It feels like the past effortlessly disregarding the present. It looks like something out of a remembered dream, just passing by as you pass through.

 A well kept church welcomes visitors 

 A volcano looms beyond the colony 

 A main drag at night 

 The clock tower

 A hill just out of town, overlooking Antigua

 Ratchet job on the HDR here, not ashamed to admit it 2 years later 

 A little better - Santa Rosa 

 A church that is open to the elements 

 Recently, I spoke with someone who had a wedding here in this church 

 With the stars above 

 A guatemalan takes a break, machete at side 



 A quaint corner like something out of a distant dream

A square 

 Just about as typical as it gets 

 A great city to explore by bike 

 Volcano in the background 

 A public washing area

 Wow, I took a lot of pictures of this

 Something about that tree

 Ladies washing 

 A store - handwritten sign

 A busy street 

 Some of the past is left to pass

 A shop 

 Enticing balconies 

 A square at night 

 Kristin and I 

 Nachos??? I have no idea

I don't know what Ed is doing here 

 A cross

 A great drawing 

 Just some realism
 SOme local soups and dishes 

 Gorgeous arch 

 A horse 

 The jacuzzi at our hotel 

 The front of our incredible hotel 

 cocoa Beans 


 Chocolate we made 

 God I was tired that day 

 Arches on the square 

 A closed door is a curious thing


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