Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wanderings in New York

We are really tired from a long day in the city and so I am going to save my energy for later and just caption these pictures.  Since we are on an overnight to Europe tomorrow, it will essentially be a 2fer.  We saw a guy get hit by a cab in the city today.

 Home away from home, leaving the Stamford abode

 I think I see a flying buttress back there

Our walk from the subway to meet our Uncle Mark for lunch at his work 
at 55th and Madison

We cut through a building that house a gigantic Spiderman

 Giants, We ate lunch at a cuban spot that was really good

After lunch, we walked towards Central Park and the Apple store.  
All apple fanboys need to make one trip to the Manhattan store
in their lifetime, much like the Hajj, except with less stone throwing.

Photo from inside the Apple Chapel


 Statue of Lou

 Puppies in FAO Schwarz

 Statue outside Central Park

 Statue and Plaza Hotel, moments before setting off on a carriage ride.  If you look closely, you can see
Kristin negotiating with a carriage rider.  I was initially quite skeptical about a ride in this awful 
weather, but it was fun.

 Our driver, who probably has my red jersey shore sun glasses that I left with him

 An old tree

 View of the city from a carriage 

 See that guy on top of that hill?  Straight breaking it down, dancing like a fool

 Boo, all 5 layers of her

 note the blanket


 Kristin trying to look natural 

 Frozen pond that Holden Caulfield pondered in Catcher in the Rye.  No ducks.

 Here we are trying to figure out what to do next.  I voted for Moma, Kristin for the WTC construction site, guess who won?

 Looking for a subway 

 WTC site, not incredibly exciting 

 sad little memorial

 We decided to head towards Wall St. and Tiffany and Co.



 GW on Wall Street

We went inside and they did not even treat us like homeless people!

Where it all goes down

 Front of New York Stock Exchange 

 The Bull

Waiting for the subway home


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