Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Eleventh Hour

Right Now, Kristin is fumbling with a device called the The First Class Sleeper.  It is an inflatable seat cushion that one must blow up by mouth and than place between themselves and their seat.  She is convinced that in this hideously contrived creation lies retreat from her coach class woes.  I look forward to one thing about this new addition to our travel family of devices and gimmicks - watching her slowly inflate it by mouth in front of a bunch of curious Koreans on our flight to Seoul on Tuesday Morning.

At around noon on Tuesday morning, June 1, while the rest of America eats Quiznos, watches soap operas, or painfully constructs excel spreadsheets, we will be boarding DFW's longest flight, staring an epic journey.

We have been through this all before.  Every trip gives and every trip takes.  The amount of insight and experience traveling globally has afforded to us is a gift.  I have learned a great deal about myself and the world, in the process realizing both the significance and insignificance of our small corner of the globe.  The United States is a rather small, but important, variable in an immense global equation.  This is something that is easy to conceive, but profound when actually realized through interaction.  This is what travel has given us.

The trips have taken as well.  There was a trip in 2008, in which an innocent enough swim with a manatee robbed me of my beard, literally, only half of it grew back.  The area in which the manatee nuzzled my neck will likely never be the same.  Great news for a shaver, but I live my life as a beard man.  It finally began to grow back about a year later, albeit in an altogether different light blond color.  To date, the neck beard region of my facial topography looks a bit like a treasure map, mixing dark and light hues.  Such is the beauty of travel.

Our last journey through Italy and Egypt left me with a partially calcified left lung, in which pneumonia did permanent damage.  We have speculated endlessly on the true culprit to this unfortunate malady, and have decided that our warp speed jaunt up Mt. Sinai to catch sunset likely contributed.  As a result, I will likely never be able to run a marathon, which is fundamentally a good thing.

We have also donated generous amounts of blood to the greedy mosquitoes of West Bali.  But more than anything else we have given, these trips have taken from us a narrow view of the world and blasted it open.  With this blog, we intend to share this with you all eyes wide, words down, and with bright pictures.

I used to want to change the world, but I discovered the world is fine.  I was the one that needed change, and that, the world has given to me.

Enough of that, here is some of our Gear for the trip 

 New Balance Water Shoe Hybrid, I love these shoes, comfortable to jog in and dry fast

 Callpod charger, this great device charges up to 6 devices.  We use it for iphones, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and the ipad.  It saves on wires and only uses up one plug.  Great Buy.

 3 pairs of underwear for me.  Kristin uses the same types.  We prefer Exofficio and Patagonia.  They dry remarkably fast and are super comfortable.

 Ironic Visor, somewhat Hunter S. Thompson

 This small black diamond lantern lights up a room and fits in your pocket

 Obviously Laundry Wash, Badger All Natural Sunscreen, and Psi Bands for motion sickness on boat rides

 Mosquito Weapons and Sanitizers for the frequent lack of soap

 Very Small Beach Towels

 Atomic Aquatics Frame-less Ultra Clear Mask with Oceanic Snorkel.  That mask is the best in the world in my opinion, provided it fits your nog

 Multi-country Plug adapter, head lamp, and external hard drive for storing photos

 Badger Balm.  I like to rub this on my cheeks and on the back of my neck, helps to relax.

 Kata Shoulder Camera Bag

 13.3" MBP and iPad

 Lots of money

 Wrist Wallet, mini moleskin knockoff books and experimental Jet Lag pills

 10,000,000 IDR

 My Pack - Osprey Atmos 65

 This pack is my favorite because it has a netted back, so your back does not actually touch the bag.  Air flows between your back and the bag keeping it cool and dry.

My checked Bag, this thing is a beast, holds a ton and has a removable day pack.

 In my bag

 Ikea Trollfjorden Toiletries Bag ($4.99)

It holds a ton, packs very low, and has a hanger.  Beautiful.

 Clif Bars - a must

 Kristin's Menagerie of bags - far left one is for Tweet

 My camera equipment - Nikon D90 with speedlight, Nikon 35mm, 10-24mm, and 70-300mm

 Canon S90, the best little point and shoot in the game.  This camera blows me away.

I put the Canon s90 in this huge monster for underwater photos

Kristin's shoes, look like something an exotic spaceship might barf out, which is an enormous compliment btw

She designed them herself


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