Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Favorite Pictures of Europe 2008

Tarifa, one of the most beautiful places in all of Spain.  Columbus started a few of his voyages here, and it has a great small town vibe.  The beaches here are seriously my favorite in all of the world.  It also has an edge of the world feel, since it used to be literally considered the edge of the world, passed the Pillars of Hercules that flank the Strait of Gibraltar.  I once had a deepwater sole at a restaurant on the waterfront that made me weep tears of joy.  Another great thing about Tarifa is that you can catch a 2 hour ferry across the Mediterranean to Morocco.

 Kristin and I relaxing on the beach, staring out across the Atlantic, Tarifa

 This overexposed photo is proof that the sun comes out in Ireland.  I lounged by this little brook in Wicklow County and had a nap.

A little stream in Ireland, very cold, very clear water.

Granada from the Alhambra

I climbed to the top of a Moorish castle that rests in the hills behind Malaga, Spain.  I took this picture on the way up.  Side note, notice the shadow in the bull fighting arena at left.  If you arrive late to a bull fight, you will be forced to stay on the sunny side of the stadium.  The shady seats go quick.

 I am not a fan of London, but love the homes.  I like trying to imagine what goes on behind closed doors, especially when the doors are a vibrant shade of blue.

Prague Castle from the iconic Charles Bridge.  Prague is such an amazing city with great art, history, and character.  It was never really bombed during the wars, so much of it is preserved very well.  It is an unreal place and you have to pinch yourself to legitimize its fairy dreamlike ambiance.

    The Charles Bridge which separates Prague is lined with statues and packed with people.  It is surreal to walk across late at night and feels like the statues are ghosts watching you pass.  I highly recommend it.  

Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague.  Very creepy place.
 A quiet room in Berlin

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