Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm going going back back to Bali Bali

If I had to suggest one place in the world, Bali.  That is it.  I do not even have to think about it.  It is cheap.  It has great beaches.  Some of the coolest cultural experiences possible on the planet take place here.  The temples are aesthetically brilliant.  The people are great.  Coral reefs, good shopping, solid clubs, and I could keep going on and on and on.  I am in love with Bali, and as an extension, Indonesia.

In the last full blog,  I spoke in detail about Irma, yet neglected to explain what we were up to.  We left Laos.  We spent the night up in the hills with Irma and the other night creatures.  The next day, we spent the morning riding elephants down the river.  After that fantastic pachydermic experience, we flew from Luang Prabang to Vientiane to Kuala Lumpur. Once in Kuala Lumpur, we checked into our hotel and hit the streets.  Ryan and Meagan opted for some street food, and Kristin and I ate at a great Indian restaurant.  The next day, we sat on the runway for over an hour because lightning hit the communications tower.  We finally departed and landed in Bali.
Kl street food

 Ryan giving himself a stomach ache

 Watermelon shake 

 Our view in Kuala Lumpur

 Checking in at the Bali Hyatt

 Welcome Drink

 First full day in bali, Kristin and I went for a jog 


 Kristin is super motivated to find a dress

 Some fishing rigs lining the beach of Sanur on the southeast coast of Bali

 Great detail on this boat, I would name it the snaggletooth

 As you can see here, the weather cooperated 

 This is chicken satay, which I have eaten 5 of the last 6 meals, including 4 in a row.  It is bits of chicken on skewers server with rice and peanut sauce.

 Kristin's lunch, Izakaya Chicken

 Sea Spinach 

 Filleting Fish along the boardwalk
 A pair of hangouts

 Cockfighting flier 

 Some fishers catching meals

 A statue 

 A Window 

 A Vespa 

 A boy

 This is a kite. Kites are very popular in Bali, and Sanur hosts an annual kite festival.

 This is a beach warung.  A warung is an Indonesian family run restaurant that is usually very cheap.

 Genius Idea


 I liked the colors on this boat 

 Energy cereal that Meagan and Ryan bought.  Kristin and I bought a box, and it came with a toy that appeared to be an octopus wearing a headband.  It was actually a hot dog wearing a cucumber.  We also bought milk that is called "Ultra Milk."

Low tide

 Hotel Grounds

 Hotel Grounds

 Petrol station

 This monkey was sleeping while sitting. So Hilarious because they are usually really annoying and grabby.
 Ulu Watu Temple perched on a cliff, very dramatic

Temple and ocean 

One of the Kecak Dancers before the dance

 We went to a Kecak dance

They call it a Kecak and fire dance because fire is used alot 

The ritual to spiritually bless the dance 

These 70 singers serve as the percussion with their voices 

It is very interesting and rhythmic 

The actor costumes are very elaborate, and the whole play is based on the Ramayana

This bird is called a Garuda 

The fire brought the show up a few notches and was really awesome 

Hanoman left to die 

Hanoman the White Monkey escapes his death 

At the end of the show, we got to meet the cast

They were all really nice 

It was really awesome.  Goodnight.


  1. Your Mom and I went through Bali with you last night. It was an awesome trip! You all look great and looks like you are having a fantastic time over there--even with Irma around you. Montana is way cool and we are happy campers!!

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