Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kuala Lumpur to Laos

 We are in Laos.

 We woke up in Kuala Lumpur in this box of a room.  Seriously jail cell small.

 After breakfast, the four of us decided to drive into Kuala Lumpur for an hour or so before our flight to Laos.

 We stopped by the Chinatown area of KL, that is full of stalls selling suspiciously cheap merchandise

 The Entrance to Chinatown

 Meagan bought half a kilo of rambatans, which are these furry little delights.  You peel off the outer layer and eat the fruit in the middle.

 Here, Ryan peels open a rambatan

 Some random street food

Some birds

 Meagan trying on some shades

Kristin modeling 

 Buying shades

 A butcher having a smoke and chopping off a head

 We found this indoor meat market adjacent to Chinatown, and the smells were robust.

 These chickens were on a table that housed a bunch of live chickens, and then we ate chickens upstairs

 Fish Head

 A couple of pups

 BBQ Pork Bun

 Flat Noodles

 Chicken and Rice

 My new look shades

 Meagan and Kristin on the way back to our hotel

 We took the shuttle to the airport and boarded our flight to Laos.

On the way we sampled oddities.

 Meagan, Ryan, and Kristin in front of our hotel

 View from our Balc

 Our room

 A Laos Street Scene

 In the distance, birds swarmed around a temple

 Tweet relaxing on holiday

 Laos Tuk Tuk

 Some street food

 Sadly, more street food

 We checked out a night market along the Mekong

 Some shirt stalls

 A dog

 These geckos are everywhere

 Pha That Luang

 Pha That Luang, originally built around Buddhas breast bone

 National beer of Laos


 More Street Food

 The worst kind of pets - dead ones