Monday, October 25, 2010

Nikon d700 vs. Nikon D7000 - The Verdict

I wanted to keep both cameras.  I told myself that the (d7000) Dx chip will be great for extending my 70-200, that I needed a backup camera for shoots, that I could use the video function for exciting endeavors, and that the cameras could possibly keep each other company in the dark confines of my think tank bag.  Alas, my justifications were burst asunder and I had to choose.  In a perfect world, I keep both.  But the shortage of the d7000 along with my complete lack of necessity for two expensive cameras led me to a hasty conclusion.  The d7000 had to go.

The Nikon d700 is a better camera.  While the colors seem to pop a little more in the d7000, and at low light, they perform similar, when I wrapped my hand around the d700, I knew it was meant to be.  I really like the bigger sensor on the 700, and the viewfinder is like looking into a massive cave with floor to ceiling windows.  These are the reasons that I chose the Nikon d700.  Also, having the big glass now, I did not like shooting on the DX chip.  I dislike the magnification, especially wide.  Sure, having the extra 100 focal length is great on the 70-200, but it just wasn't a strong enough justification for the $1400 I sold the used camera for on Ebay($200 over retail, must be a shortage).  

Without even testing anything from Canon, I am comfortable asserting that the d7000 is the best prosumer camera today.  I am the type of idiot that makes these sort of grandiose claims.  I used a Nikon d300s last year, and it cannot compare to the d7000 except in speed.  The 7000 takes wonderful pictures, and like an aapl earnings call, it beats expectations.  That is probably the coolest thing about it.  I opened it up and expected a better version of the Nikon d90, but it was a different beast entirely.  The Nikon d700 just happens to (still) be a class above the rest.

Here are some d7000 shots I took last weekend during my brief tryst with the camera at Andy and Kim's nuptials.  All natural light, unedited, no flash.