Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Fe - A Parting Glance

the rolling hills outside Santa Fe at sunset

 Our Santa Fe pool

 Kristin striking a pose 

 A market filled with decorative junk 

 THe Spanish influence is seen in the cathedrals 


 A woman crosses the street, no doubt bat shit excited about buying a bunch of southwestern themed bric a brac



 A makeshift fajita stand.  Damn fine gentlemen, keep up the good work

 I ruined this ladies day so she blinded me with her weapon of choice - a mirror 

 a bit epic 


 I dont even remember being here 

 A mad symphony lives in you 

 fly you beaked freak 

 This is an entire row of pueblo looking Indians peddling stuff your mom would love 

 An alley of color awaits you in Santa Fe 

 pretty huge poodle

 A fine candies store 

 Filled with hand made pez dispensers.  Check out Obama.  That is damn near racist looking.

 Snaggle you fine beast 

 Women, buying things 

 Full circle, back to fajita guys, still cooking up a storm 

 A strange rock just north of Santa Fe.  It has a name that has been forgotten.

 Shrublands that remind me a little of west Myanmar 

 Into the mountains 

 Stopping for pizza is always a big decision.  

 Veggie pizza with sesame seeds, you have no idea, your idea about this is a fathomless abyssal void 

 JUst on my lunch break, minding my own 

 But why the gloves sir 

 A subdivision in the Santa Fe suburbs at sunset 

 The road home 

 A still of misc. cornucopia outcasts 
 A red tree

 A quiet sidewalk 

 A low door 

 a church 

 A Saloon 

An inn
Until next time...


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