Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tecolate Cafe - Home of the Great Breakfast Burrito

Sorry for my brief hiatus from the blog.  Trips have been taken, turkeys devoured, and a little exam called the gmat has slowly began its advance on consuming my life.  But for today, I have some room to breathe, and I want to talk about burritos of the breakfast variety.

Tecolate Cafe is a basic and inviting restaurant off of Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe. The menu ranges from the familiar to local specialties such as Hueveos Yucatecos.  Immediately the manager greeted us and was very gregarious and kind, making the place feel like home.  Our waitress brought us samples of each of their different hot sauces, so that we may choose something in our preferred range of "hot."  All of this courtship was for a pair of breakfast burritos.  It was serious business.  The burritos here are the stuff of legend through.  Filled with fluffy eggs and doused in famous local chili sauces, they are a 10 out of 10.

The interior of Tecolate 

The menu.  They do not serve toast, and it is announced on the front of the menu.  They do, however, serve a baker's basket filled with fresh baked muffins and bread with each meal.

Some local homemade sauces 

A jalapeno corn muffin

The entrance


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