Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Day at the Zoo - Ft. Worth Zoo

 Just hanging out, contemplating things
I recognize this profile from the evolutionary chart

Meditation in the garden 

Peaking out 

Not on his way to Mardi Gras, made that way 

Narcissism? Unlikely.

What you looking at punk, I dare you to come up in here 

I dare you.

This orang looks very wise, and much larger than the wild ones I saw in Borneo 

Picking grass

A stroll, this beautiful creature is very matted, but that may be the look 

Enjoying the sun 

Eye contact 

The rhinos always seem to be taking the day off 

Gorgeous lion looks fresh from the lion salon (I wrote that one for you Daniel)

A little flirting 

the hell
also, kindly bring us a plate of ribs 


Nature's Freaks 

You never think about their horns, do you?

Creepy bird


Lemurs are such cool animals

A Sunbear 

What a strange tongue

Yep, still here 
A bird looking out at the day


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