Sunday, August 30, 2009

Home for a spell

We are home, and it looks like it will stay that way until late October.  As much as we want to set sail again, even immediately at times, home has an irreplaceable quality, and we intend to savor it deeply for the coming months.

Kristin is off to school for her teaching masters, nervous and excited.  She will be finished in about a year or two, and since her classes are online, we are free to move about as we please.

I will be trading and helping my grandfather's french glass company, while tending to the dream.

A whole world is out there just beyond your front door. It is great to live in a country where, at any given moment, you are just a choice, a handful of actions, and a day of travel from the other side of the globe.  Of course, it is not that simple.  We also unfortunately live in a country where the conventional career plan tends to strangle would be adventurers with 2 weeks of vacation a year, student debts, and unrealistic living standards.  I think it is absolute rubbish, and as a result, am probably more likely to end up on a street corner than in an office cubicle.  Hopefully, neither fate is ever realized.  Being creative with one's career is a necessity to sate an insatiable travel appetite in the U.S., as it does not come easily along the paved roads of our conventions.  I hope that in my lifetime, our standards change, and more Americans will be able to take time off and travel freely. I think at least 4 weeks of vacation time a year is a reasonable standard.  As a result, people would probably be generally happier and more productive when they do work.

I feel very privileged to have seen such gleaming pockets of wonder during our adventures this summer.  Before our trip to the far East, a lot of people asked Kristin and I, "Why Asia?"  I do not believe that anyone that read of our exploits will pose that same question to us again.

There is no why and never was, as far as I am concerned.  Luckily, I met a girl that feels the same way, and we are just getting started.  More to come.


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