Friday, August 14, 2009

Yellowstone II

A concerned raven


We stopped by the continental divide to enjoy the lilly pools

Road over the continental divide

A sleeping old faithful, when we pulled up, it was already going off.

The Old Faithful Inn

A geyser erupting in the distance

Castle Geyser, a rare one to witness, goes off about once per day

It was just starting to erupt as we approached it

Castle spewing high

One more shot of castle, named so for its
castle like natural fortification

A stream running through the Old Faithful geyser basin


A pool and some dead trees

Morning Glory

An ivory tree on the geyser basin

Whenever the walkways are empty, you know old faithful is erupting.

Black Sand Basin

Close-up of some stuff

Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool II

A small turquoise pool

The edge of Grand Prismatic

Grand Prismatic - it was a windy day and we saw about 6 hats
smoldering in the surrounding area

The fringe of Excelsior at Midway

Hot water draining into a river


A dog named Fidget

Up the firehole


  1. This is sooooo interesting Are the Emerald pools and other pools the geishers that erupt or are they 2 separate things? The pools are beautiful and have exquisite color. Love Gram

  2. The pools generally do not erupt, though some geysers erupt from pools.

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