Friday, August 14, 2009

Yellowstone I

The road from Montana into Yellowstone.  On the far right of
this picture is the devil's slide.

This is Gardiner, MT, a small town that rest at the northern entrance
to the park.  Kristin and I went white water rafting here last year.

Right when we entered the park at Mammoth, we saw a bunch of
female elk.  Here are two scurrying away with a couple of classic cars.

These elk commandeered a picnic area in Mammoth.

The desolate terraces of Mammoth

Grandma and Kristin

A lone tree on the terrace

Orange Spring Mound

An elk just hanging around

We found a great little picnic spot between Mammoth and Roosevelt

Kristin setting up our picnic

A few of my favorite things

A squirrel enjoying a snack

Storm was brewing, it wound up rolling in right as we
were taking an ice cream break

We saw this black bear cub from about 5 feet away

Columns of rock between Roosevelt and Canyon

Overhanging cliff

Another shot of the columns

A stream around Tower falls

Ice cream break

A hillside

The roads up here are great

A vista

We were pretty high up here

A dead tree

a dog portrait

A cliffside around artist's point

Kristin and Grandma

Grandma and I

Grandpa and Grandma at Artist's point

Artist's point


3 stooges

A river

A huge sky

A lone Buffalo, normally is Yellowstone, we see 000's
of Buffalo.  This year we saw about 6.

A beautiful valley, looks like the xp screen saver

Another dog portrait

Geological feature around Mud Volcano

Dragon's mouth spring

A nerd

A bend

Bison that greeted up outside of the Lake Hotel

My carmates

The halls of the haunted Lake Hotel

Bison still hanging out

Boys night out

Yellowstone Lake

walking like Tom Cruise

The Lake Hotel

Mountains across the lake

I caught this guy mid chew

We took this winding road after dinner, searching for moose

Sunset at Lake

Another one

The shores of the lake


  1. Is the lake hotel really haunted? U know i want to stay there. The three stooges look pretty good!!

  2. How exquisite the scenery. Really beautiful. Love Gram

  3. Hey I was just here. I'm in Wyoming right now, went to Yellowstone yesterday (Aug 15. Sunday.) We always miss each other in the west.

  4. Spencer, we have missed eachother 4 years in a row!

    KM, I think the hotel is haunted. It haunted me, and there is a book about it. We also saw things moving that probably should not have been.