Thursday, September 23, 2010

Super Duper Weenie

Off of the Black Rock Turnpike in a town called Fairfield (CT), wieners are sizzled to perfection by the hundreds.  I do not know how or why such resplendent creations came to be in such a nondescript little corner of the world, but after my first bite, I frankly did not care.  Super Duper Weenie creates a mean hot dog.  I have no idea what sort of alchemy goes on back by the fryers.  Men hover meticulously over their stations converting beef and pork into heaven.

You give the woman at the counter a few greenbacks and she returns to the exchange with a tray.  A fine sense of value arbitrage forms in your head.  In an age where you don't always get what you pay for, it is nice to know favor can still tip in the consumers' direction.  Hot dogs here are cheap, as are their award winning french fries, which you will need to purchase.  The fries trap a robust potato flavor within their pastry light outer shell.  They taste good enough to eclipse the guilt that will form from deep within your diet reflex.  If you are anything like me, you will tell your conscious to shut up while you proudly saunter up to the counter for seconds.

I had a few hot dogs; I am sure of that much.  Specifics are conveniently lost.  I left Super Duper Weenie like a bloated oaf.  I sort of just tossed myself into the driver's side seat of my chariot and drove off into the wilds of Connecticut.  8.37 out of 10.

Super Duper Weenie is located in Fairfield, CT.  Website.  From I-95 take exit 24.  It is at 306 Black Rock Turnpike.  

  Later in the day...I iced Kristin at the beach.  I politely asked her to retrieve my large zoom lens from my backpack.  She unzipped my backpack and grimaced when her eyes met her fate - a warm smirnoff ice.  She is a champion though, and took to her knee, finishing the beverage with utmost dignity.  If you have no idea what icing is, click here

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