Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beauty and the Bird

 Finally back in Hong Kong.  This is my favorite city in the world.  It is gritty and glamorous and beautiful and harsh.  It utilizes such a seamless and effortless dichotomy, that it seems pointless to criticize its shortcomings or praise its shine.  It is too obvious to acknowledge.  This is an old land, and you can feel it has grown honest about its identity with time  Also, the mtr subway shoos you around the city at breakneck speed, making any undertaking effortless. 

 Our room at The W Hong Kong 

 Out on the road, Hong Kong is full of giants 


 You might want to click on this picture to read some of these shirts.  My favorite is the Rambo one.  "You strong like Rambo Look like Hero But your Brain just like Potato."

 View from Hong Kong Peak, one of the best views in the world 

 Hong Kong Shopping 

 We ate at this restaurant, Maks noodle, which is sort of an institution and recommended by Mr. Bourdain.
 Dumpling and Wonton Noodle Soup, looks boring, but I promise, this was so freaking scrump 

 Once at the peak, we surveyed the scene.  This is the second most expensive place in he world to live.  Number 1 is a street in Monaco.

 We were blessed with a really clear day.  On foggy days , you cannot even see past the first few rows of buildings 

 These are some of the most expensive houses in the world.

 The Peak Tram that delivers tons of passengers up the steep hill to the peak 

 The quiet backside of Hong Kong, also quite beautiful 

 Backside Again.  One of these days I am going to check this area out.  Looks cool.

 The Peak Tram 

 No dogs allowed in Hong Kong park 

 A childrens playground

 So Hong Kong park houses this huge aviary full of crazy birds 
 It was so much more fun than I could have imagined.  I had no idea hanging out with a bunch of armless loons could bring such joy.

 This one looked high tech 

 And this guy?

 Some freak from Papua New Guinea.  Love the do buddy.

 How red is red?

 This little fella was hungry 

 This guy looked important 

 What the hell are these things 

 Do your thing 

 Bali Starling, these things are super rare 

 This guy was the most personable bird I have ever met 

 He took one look at Kristin and knew he was in love.

 We think he mistook her bracelet for some kind of treat 

 Let me at it lady 

 The Aviary 

 I wish I knew names, but I am not much of a birder 


 The vantage point in Hong Kong Park 

 Buildings and the Aviary 

 We came upon this nice little pond 

 It was a pretty nice park 

 It even had a cool waterfall 

 I love reflections 

My other pictures were on the camera that was stolen by a one armed bandit.  It would be great to have that memory card back.


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