Monday, July 5, 2010

Tai O Fishing Village and Hong Kong

In Hong Kong a stained table cloth is a token of appreciation for a fantastic meal.  We have been staining a lot of table cloths.  Also, we have been staying out until 2 and 3am every night, so tonight's blog will be a quite silent one, pictures only.  I am exhausted.  We just landed in Bangkok and have to catch an early morning flight into Myanmar.  Meagan left our group so we are officially a tripod.  Safe travels home Meagan.  Hope your hotel in Taipei is real first class.  The pictures from today are of Hong Kong Island and the small fishing village of Tai O in Hong Kong with some other things thrown in.  

Hong Kong is 38% parkland, so it is a very green and natural place.  This is one of the main reasons that I love this place.  It blends modernity with nature so well.  On our way to the fishing village of Tai O, we snaked through mountains and dodged strange yak looking cow creatures.  Anyways, onwards to the pics.  

 View from W


 Filing a police report for the stolen bag 

 Kristin with our detective, the case is yet to be solved 

 Art of tea

 Dim Sum Menu 

 Sunday is the day off for maids and they crowd the streets 

 All maids 

 Too true 

 Ferry to Lantau island and Tai O fishing village

 This golden was really mean to Kristin 

 Love the hills in the background 

 dinner - so exotic 

 Furmonster of the day 


 Furmonster doing tricks 

 4th of July glowstick party 

 glowsticked out 

 Team shirt

Gone Fishing


  1. So sorry to hear about Kristin's bag!! Was it snatched from her arm? No shopping in Hong Kong?? What a bummer. Loved the birds--great pics. Hong Kong just looks like too much for simple folks like me. Had Megan planned to leave early? My phone tells me that Ryan has called a few times. Tell him I am sorry we didn't connect. Love to you all!

  2. Justin,
    When are you guys coming home and can I buy some of your photos? I want to enlarge and frame them, as artwork-they are beautiful.

    Julie xoxoxo

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