Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We landed safely in Myanmar.  This place is unlike anywhere I have ever been.  It is similar to taking a time machine back 50 years to an alternate universe.  I have alot to say, but unfortunately, net censorship in this country makes blogging very difficult.  My website is completely blocked, and I am using some crazy homebrew workaround just to quickly get this out.  Also, journalists are banned from this country, and since I do not know where there lines are drawn, saying as little as possible is probably the safest route.

We have played with a quartet of bear cubs, hung our with Myanmar's most famous comedians, chewed betel nuts, and taken planes through dangerous storms.  It is only day 2 here.  I plan to give you all a full report when we get out of the country and back to Vietnam.  Seriously though, we played with asiatic and sunbear cubs for an hour today.  It was the coolest experience I have ever had.  Expect sporadic postings, working on a way to get a full blog out tomorrow.  Seriously look at these bears.  Unbelievable.

 An Asiatic bear cub trying to steal Ryan's map

 Sunbears are really sweet

Kristin and her sunbear


  1. sunbear?! i want one!! :)

    glad i found out about your blog via facebook. so fun! looks like you are living the dream :)

  2. The bears are so cute! We will be glad when you all are home again!!!!

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