Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last Day in Cambodia Pictures

We did way too much today, and I cannot even fathom writing about it all and packing for our early flight tomorrow.  Enjoy these pictures.  I think they are pretty good.  We went to Bantay Srei, Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, and the Land Mine museum. Oh, and than we rode ATVs through the rice paddies at sunset.  Exhausted.  Hong Kong tomorrow.

 We started the day at Bantay Srei, which is abut 45 minutes from the ancient city of Angkor.  It is known as the Lady Temple, and has some very intricate carvings.

 It was pretty empty 

 This temple is pretty small, but very cool

 Every surface seems to be carved and finished with a fine touch 

 These women are present at most temples. They are called Aspara.

 It is small, but very dramatic and well designed 

 All about the details here


 And more 


 Yay, butterflies 

 These are for my small faction of butterfly enthusiasts 

 Landmine museum was pretty amazing 

 Filled with mines, the guy that runs the place has defused something like 50000.  There are currently 3 to 6 million active mines in Cambodia, and many people get disfigured and killed each year by these mines.

 Key dates in Cambodian History 

 Seriously, read this 

 And this, crazy

 Exhibition of uniforms 

 Artillery Sculpture 
 You see these signs in the countryside and know to walk the other way 

 Palm trees here are so freaking high 

 Man that is green

 Walking to Ta Prohm, which is such a great temple 

 The rear entrance Ta Prohm

 Some details 

 Yea, I took this same picture last year, but could not resist 

 Ta Prohm is very big, and you can get lost in it 

 Ta Prohm has been taken over by the jungle

 Some kids 

 A truck with like 50 people in it 

 The moat surrounding Angkor Wat

 Angkor Wat is huge, and the walk begins by crossing the moat 

 and walking through this entrance 

 And than bam, construction, boooo, but there it is, Angkor Wat.  I wrote all about it last year 

This is my favorite picture of Angkor Wat the I took last year

 Angkor Wat is till used as a religious building by monks 

 The side of Angkor Wat 

 The back is not under construction, and very quiet 

 Check out the shirtless guy

 Angkor Wat is high 

 Carvings like this are everywhere 

 Furmonster of the day, 1 eye Willy 

 Cambodian Spring rolls 

 Cambodian chicken 

 Night Market 

 Some more night market 

 you wan massage 

 Dr. Fish 

 Pond out back at hotel 


Here are some high dynamic range pictures that I took today
 Ta Prohm

 Angkor Wat back entrance

Rice Fields 

 We went for a sunset ATV ride 

 I was feeling tough 

 Very rural stuff

 Rice paddies 



These rascals hustled us


  1. The more I read and see the more I feel sheltered, good thing I have yall to enrich my brain!
    -Why do you have to walk away from the orange signs? What do they mean?
    -Woo, pic w the fan & lookin all drill team makes me miss you even more! btw, I think you've had more massages in the past month than in your life!?!?
    - PLEASE bring home that black and white puppy for me!! Every pic I look at he is saying "RACH, I want you to be my Mom"

    Miss yall! xoxo

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