Friday, June 3, 2011

Sheikh Mohammed's Peacocks

While in Dubai we visited the driveway to Sheikh Mohammed's private residence.  The Sheikh is beloved by the people and lives a very normal life, from jogging in public to casually visiting stores like an everyday Sheikh.  Keeping with this theme of accessibility, people can visit the driveway leading up to his house and admire his army of colorful peacocks.  Allegedly (not verified), further into his residence, a pack of lions patrol his gardens - probably not open to outsiders.  The Sheikh essentially willed Dubai's impressive growth and is the absolute monarch of the Emirate and the VP of the UAE.  He has 21 children and a few wives.  He is also very very rich and has exceptional taste in peacocks.

 We confused the peacocks, racing at them 

 Entrance to his home 

 Looks like a pretty nice place 

 Of course, you recognize these two 

 The long driveway, populated by peacocks 

 Just hanging out, having a chat 

 Kristin wore her best peacock camouflage, but the birds were not fooled 
 They escaped her photo demands time and time again 

 What a way to spend a hot Dubai afternoon 

 This one sheepishly ate a nut of some kind just feet away from me 

 He knew approaching me was dangerous, but the nuts are so tasty...

 Meanwhile, Kristin's futile quest was coming to an end, no peacock would pose with her 

 Gossiping in the middle of the road 

They really are gorgeous creatures 

 Kristin kind of getting a picture with one 

 This white guy was proudest of all 

 The hubris 

 What my name be 

 Such strange hats 

The Sheikh's son's residence - no peacocks


  1. Really beautiful. Did you have to take any permission to park there and take pictures of the peacocks?