Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seven courses at the top of the world - At.moshere in the Burj Khalifa

One of our favorite activities in Dubai was an 8 course meal at At.mosphere in the the Burj Khalifa.  It is the highest restaurant in the world.  While I will muse about every savory bite in a few weeks on, here are some pictures of our incredible meal.

 The special entrance to the Burj Khalifa top floors


 A staircase to get from 123 to 124

 Kristin - top of the world 

 Nothing looks real from this high

 Our table 

 The menu 

View, basically the same as the "At the Top" attraction

Very cool restaurant - one of the coolest things about being a "real travel writer" is access to places like this.  Kristin and I would never spend so much on a meal that in our case was free.

I had 3 mocktails and was nursing a gnarly sugar buzz


Asparagus gold and stuff (my notes are in the other room)

2 Scallops 

Another mocktail 

3 Chocolatey fois gras (TDF btw)

4 Fish

Another mocktail?  Madness you say!

5 Wagyu Beef

It is okay to start hating us.


6 raspberry something or other 

7 The best dessert (Yes you read that right Ryan) I have ever eaten - The Gianduja.  Before...

...and after.  It was a massacre 

Hot madeleines

Coolest bathroom ever 

Great view 

The chefs - due to gas risk, everything is grilled on some sort of Spanish grill I will talk about later 


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