Sunday, June 5, 2011

A room in the Burj Al Arab

So what does the interior of the Burj Al Arab look like?  The Burj has no stars, but some joke it is the world's only 7 star hotel.  Rooms come with butlers.  Each floor has its own concierge.  Everything is gold.  There is a pillow menu.  Here are some pictures.

 You will be delivered by one of the property's Rolls 

Designed to look like a billowing sail 

 Sickeningly Opulent
 The lobby 

 Elevator aquarium
 It all looks fake. Everything gold, is.

 A restaurant 

 The elevators 

 Each floor has its own concierge 

 The interior seemed alien to me 

 A hallway to rooms 


 living room 

 A little lounge area, keep in mind that starting with the last picture, all of these are the same hotel room.

 For meetings with other heads of state - the dining table 

 For entertaining 

 The room comes with a ton of features, including a very long Pillow menu

 Kristin and I thought it felt like a yacht stateroom - not that either of us knows what the hell that looks like.

 living again 


 Bathroom 1

 That mural is pretty terrible.  It has skyscrapers in it.

 Complimentary perfume - Kristin is not too fond of it, but its the thought that counts, we swear.
 Guest bedroom 

 Sitting area in guest bedroom 

 The master with mirror on ceiling 

 Its business its business time 

 The tv rises up from the stand, which was probably much cooler ten years ago.

 Another of the master 

 Another of the mural that I hate - this one in the master bath 
 Master Bath 

 Entry chandelier 

 One of these lies behind each door

Concierge on every floor, see you later guys


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