Thursday, June 2, 2011

A night on the Palm - Jumeriah Zabeel Saray

 In this picture, you can make out the hazy downtown skyline anchored by the towering Burj Khalifa - the tallest building known to man

 The Harbor skyline of Dubai with some beach homes on the ocean

 The Zabeel Saray and its fleet of gifts 

 Nice little Benz on a warm afternoon
 we checked into the Zabeel Saray which is Jumeriah's property on (one of) the man made palm shaped island.  Like everywhere we stayed in Dubai, the place felt excessively nice and carried 5 stars.  The marketing lady stood me up for my site inspection and they just grabbed some random Russian guy to show me around.  It was humorous.
 Palms to eternity 

 This is a very prestigious license plate number, low and repeating - probably worth millions 

 Zabeel Saray outside loungers

 Entrance to the Zabeel Saray 

 Our bathroom 

 bedroom, a shame we never had more than one night to get comfortable 


 Those are the palm fronds and the hotel is on the circle around the palm shape.  You can see here the middle one is undeveloped.
 Sitting area 


The grounds

 The very calm beach 

 The pool 

 We caught a relaxing spell here at the pool for an hour or so 

 They try really hard at this place 

 We saw quite a few of these Rodeo Drive stores 

 At night, we were treated to some kind of party.  We sat near the entryway and watched all the extremely nice cars pull up...the passengers would hop out, robes flowing in the wind

 Nice little Ferrari 

 Looking up in the entryway, I was reminded of the Alhambra 

 In these surroundings, even a hotel lackey walking by feels dramatic

 The courtyard lit up at night 

 The party 

 Everyone looks so cool in these white robes and sunglasses 

 In Dubai, they build 

 At the end of our night, we stumbled upon this room filled with paintings and absolutely no one in sight.  It was dead silent, reminded me of a strange dream.


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