Saturday, June 4, 2011

Staying at the Armani Hotel in Dubai

If you knew me growing up, then you know that I was a huge follower of the Armani brand, even working for the company at one point, albeit at one if its lowest rungs.  When we checked into the Armani hotel in the world's tallest building, I was very excited to say the least.  It is Armani's first property and is fittingly stylish. After staying in the Jumeriah hotels that kick you in the teeth with glamor and shine, Armani was a welcome change of pace with understated style and monotone coolness.  

We stayed on the top floor and enjoyed every minute of it.

 The Armani Hotel is located in the Burj Khalifa 

 The lobby - there is no reception desk 

 It smells very very nice 

 Little details 

 The stylish lobby 

 Looking up in the lobby 

 That desk in the corner folds out to form a very cool piece of furniture 

 Our living room 

 Our view, great spot to watch the evening water fountain show from 

 The most comfortable bed ever? Yes. Yes. Yes.

 Our bathroom 

 A darkened reading chair 

 It takes 3 months to clean the Burj Khalifa, looks very hair-raising 

 Everything is very minimal, and wood


 Simple is good 

 The hallway 

 Room entry 

 Outside the elevators 

 Armani Dolci 


 I love these hallways 

 We had a perfect view of the water fountain and light show
 Should have grabbed one of these as a souv

 Even the remote is cool!

The unassuming entrance


  1. There's no significantly more to say in regards to this hotel.It is fabulous and on the off chance that you would; you be able to ought to stay there!We stayed for two nights on the sixth floor facing the front of the hotel.The room was extremely open chic,with fantastic offices.Service was exceptional.@Bonnie Jenkins.

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